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What is the electronic cigarette

What is the electronic cigarette? - What is vaping?

As we know electronic cigarettes contain tobacco stalks health structure (the battery), e liquid consisting of three parts, of course, segmentation and accelerate and battery. Everybody is very curious about the three is the way to work? Everyone ordinarily light the cigarette in the civilized environment e cigarettes India now?


The first structure of health electronic cigarette: atomizer

E cigarette atomizer is an e cigarette kernel, it is good or bad, it is a direct influence on the taste and smell of liquid atomization of smoke.Atomizer structure is a heating element, by means battery heating, making it an liquid volatilization, in addition to the formation of smoke. Around resistance cottonseed oil guide wire number of turns and the amount of power to an smoke the cigarette, the greater the voltage or more resistance, the higher the ratio of smoke. New SURPASS series force e cigarettes a day, large amount of smoke, leaks, avoid high temperature working condition to produce harmful gases. And can nebulization core, practical and concise and replace battle bathing, e cig sustainable.

E-Cigarette Battery E Cigarette second structure

Health electronic cigarettes India can also be called e cigarette battery, mainly (LED) Internal LED PCBA board, rechargeable batteries, all kinds of electronic circuits. Its important role in the air circulation process caused by tobacco and discharge the secondary battery power will be e liquid atomization, e cigarette butt department LED red glow at the same time, the simulation of smoking.Is feel differently on the different tobacco stem structure, the use is different too, ego several series of battery, also with LED lighting and no, you need to carefully watch the instructions when using or ask the seller to clear the job.

The third structure E Cigarette Liquid e (E juice)

Electronic cigarette is used with e spray, through the atomizer e cigarette heating, can produce fog cigarettes.E that the level of oil consumption of cigarettes or medical level is the main component of glycerin, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, nicotine, and taste of cigarettes. Some e liquid composition contains nicotine, mainly for taste is close to the cigarette. So this person can not be equal to the smell of smoke, liquid smoke concentration simulate. Liquid try, the more the more smoke choked voice, low smoke density fluid can not stop smoking, the smoke liquid directly determines the quality of the aroma of the electronic cigarette. Our site https://www.vapourindia.com

After the introduction of the little makeup, you know about the electronic cigarette health? If you want a cigarette, then you can opt for cigarettes instead of electronic cigarettes, for you and your family do not health.E cig burns keep using the electric breath is not a cloud of smoke, but the smoke after fuel atomizing gas air will immediately disappear cause damage to health of others.