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How Electronic Cigarette Works?



99 out of 100 smokers are aware of the fact that consuming nicotine smoke harms the body in several ways. The malicious results of nicotine, tar and smoke are known to all. Cigarettes are harmful, yet so addictive. This is the reason why people still consume cigarettes, even after knowing their hazardous health results. As the world was looking for its alternatives, the technology has finally gifted us a suitable alternative. With the advent of e-cigarettes, now smokers can enjoy their ‘bad habit’ without causing any massive harms or hazards to their bodies. Many of us already know a few things about the e cigarettes India. However, we are still unaware of the mechanism of the electronic cigarettes. How they produce smoke? How they seem similar to the normal cigarettes? How long they will serve you? All these questions can be answered once we know about the mechanism of e-cigarettes.

Here in the following section, we shall know about the fundamental parts of e-cigarettes. Liquid vapor or Liquid nicotine Instead of Tobacco In case of e-cigarettes, traditional tobacco flakes are replaced by liquid nicotine and the dosage ranges from 0 mg to 24 mg. As liquid nicotine has been used, smoke is replaced with clean and odorless vapor. E-cigarette devices are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which are often reusable. However, in some cases, ‘use and throw’ lithium-ion batteries can also be found and obvious in that case you cannot reuse the battery. As per user feedbacks, it has been established that lithium-ion batteries offer ‘cigarette like’ experience to quit smoking.

However, it is not as harmful as original cigarettes. Moreover, due to the use of nicotine liquid, it causes lesser nicotine hazards to our body. How E-cigarette Batteries Work? The primary or the main component of the e-cigarette devices is the battery. Generally lithium ion batteries are used for producing these devices and these batteries are rechargeable. Whenever, you feel the urge for smoking, make sure the battery is fully charged otherwise the device would not work.

Batteries can be of two types, depending upon the functionalities. It can be either manual battery or it can be automatic battery. Different Part of an e-Cigarette Though an e-cigarette is a small tool or device, it consists of plenty of small parts. The device has been assembled quite meticulously and here is a guide to the different parts of an e cigarette:

    Lithium ion Cell: As we have discussed earlier, lithium ion cell is the most fundamental part of this device. It is generally rechargeable and can be used for long time.
    Aluminum Shell: The interior of the e-cigarette has been furnished with aluminum shell. Durable quality aluminum shell provides it a chic look from inside.
    Smart Chip Microprocessor: Another fundamental part of an e-cigarette is Smart Chip Microprocessor. Basically it builds a bridge of connection between battery and atomizer.
    E-cigarette Cartridges: If your e-cigarette is reusable, then you will be given a few cartridges to replace your old cartridge, when it will be empty.
    Atomizer: This is the component which helps to vaporize the nicotine liquid.

Apart from these inbuilt parts inside an e-cigarette, you need a few accessories for using them. Some of the essential accessories are USB charger, portable wall charger, vehicle adapter, etc. Visit our site @ https://www.vapourindia.com for more details.